Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Welcome to my very first blog entry! Let me introduce myself; my name is Molson (In The Pink's I Am Canadian) and I am a very friendly Golden Retriever. This month I will be 18 months old and let me tell you, I keep getting cuter by the minute!

I'm going to share a couple of my favourite pictures of myself from when I was a young pup to bring you up to speed on what I look like today! 

On May 9, 2009, when I was 16 weeks old, I left my k9 mommy (Nelly) to move home and live with my new fur-ever family! It was mother's day and boy was my new mommy happy! She had been looking forward to bringing me home her whole life. Here's a picture of me and my k9 mom...

and another with my human mom.

I look so much like my k9 mommy, and am so very sweet just like she is, but now that I'm growing up into a real dog, my mom says she sees so much resemblance to my daddy and my grand-daddy. She's always talking about how cute I am in front of all of my friends - how embarrassing!

I was only home for about a week when this really nice man named Roel came over to take some pictures of me to help promote his dog-photography business. He takes such beautiful photos and it made my mom so happy that he captured these wonderful photos of us together.

Here I am at 4 months:

5 months:

7 months:

10 months (check out how big my ears are and how wimpy my tail feathers are!):

11 months:

On my 1st birthday: 

14 months:

15 months:

16 months:

And most recently here at 17 months:

I hope that fills you in for now and I'll be posting more about my recent adventures shortly! 

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  1. Hi Molson

    We just noticed you are following us. We will be happy to return the favor and hope you post more soon.

    Tucker and Daisy